NestedName is built by Emilie Ma. I snagged the domains kewbi.sh and emilie.ma for my personal websites, and have since received many compliments on how clean my email address and domains are.

Since then, I’ve been helping friends and family find sleek domain hacks for their own websites. I thought it was about time I made a script to automate it, which snowballed into NestedName.

Your domain is a big piece of your identity on the web. It's how everyone finds your digital presence, and a catchy, personalized domain can create a lasting impression.

As the cozy web takes on the corporate, clinical Internet, I wanted to make it easier for folks to find a unique domain where they can build their own home. Fun domains, like the ones NestedName can help you find, are little reminders that there’s still humanity and whimsy in the everyday net.

While NestedName just features domain search for now, I’m planning to create a platform for easy link-in-bio site generation, email forwarding, and vanity link shortening too. Subscribe for more updates below!

There's more coming soon.